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Anteneh Roba, MD, Physician & Co-­Founder of the International Fund for Africa, will host an Introductory Discussion on How to Achieve Optimal Health & Wellness using a sensible, whole-­body approach. Discussion topics will include practical information about Nutrition, Stress Management and Exercise Tips. Please join us and learn how to take control of your health. Attendees will receive a Blood Pressure & Blood Glucose Screening. Find out about these simple tests and know where you stand. Many Diseases are Controllable and Preventable.
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Ledeta Church (on the premises of  Williams Ramsay Elementary School)  5700 Sanger  Avenue  Alexandria, VA 22311   
When: Saturday June 12th, 2010  3:00P.M.  to 6:00
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mother and child





Yekatit 12 Hospital, one of the 13 government run health facilities, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is proof positive that miracles do exist.  When IFA first visited Yekatit 12 Hospital in 2007 to assess its needs, 17% of new born babies at the hospital died.  This was due to a drastic lack of supplies and even the simplest of modern medical equipment.  The one thing that this hospital had that the other 12 did not was Dr. Mulualem Gessesse, a very determined neonatologist, and a small but dedicated staff. With only two rooms, a few beds and limited and inadequate medical equipment and supplies to provide even basic care, this determined neonatologist and her staff struggled to save the lives of babies. Not enough can be said about the heroic work of Dr. Mulualem and her staff in such adverse conditions.


IFA entered into a relationship with Yekatit 12 Hospital to upgrade the neonatal facilities and establish a quality, state-of-the art neonatal unit with a neonatal intensive care unit.  After five separate trips to the hospital and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical supplies and equipment such as incubators, phototherapy machines, neonatal beds, oxygen concentrators, suction machines, pulse oximeters, ECG machine, cardiac monitor and IV cannulas, and basic  supplies such as uniforms, stethoscopes, etc.., and nonmedical equipment including computers, slide projectors, etc.,to assist the staff in their ongoing educational programs. Yekatit 12 hospital now boasts the only thoroughly modern neonatal unit and neonatal  intensive care unit.


The results have been nothing less than miraculous and may be viewed by clicking on  See the results of IFA's equipment and supplies, of Dr. Mulualem's and her staff's hard work and dedication and, most of all, see the children who have survived, lived and prospered. During the year prior to June 2009, the neonatal service admitted 1,084 patients and discharged 956 (88.1%) with the total number of deaths being 128 (11.8%).  As of December 2009 neonatal mortality was down to 4.8%.




The miracle continues.


In April, 2010, IFA extended its efforts to Ghandi Memorial Hospital in Addis Ababa.  Originally built in 1955, Ghandi Memorial is the oldest maternity hospital in the city. In its 55 year history, it has never had a pediatric unit until a few months ago. The unit opened its doors with one barely functioning incubator. A one-year study done by the Black Lion Hospital, the hospital that usually accepts transfers of sick newborn babies from Ghandi Memorial, showed over 30% of babies transferred from Ghandi hospital to their facility died in transit mostly of hypothermia (basically they die because their body temperature drops precipitously). The lack of basic neonatal medical equipment like incubators routinely forced the hospital to transfer babies, if possible by ambulance, more often than not by family members in a taxi or even on foot, to  Black Lion Hospital. 


With the equipment donated by IFA, including 5 incubators, 3 phototherapy machines, 5 suction machines, and two oxygen concentrators in April 2010, all of the babies are now being treated at Ghandi Memorial Hospital and will not have to die from reversible and/or avoidable conditions like hypothermia, jaundice, and treatable infections.


Be part of the miracle.

You too can be part of the miracle. Although limited in our ability, the goals of the Fund are to help establish new neonatal units in other Addis Ababa hospitals, to upgrade the ones that already exist and to help establish neonatal and pediatric intensive care units in at least three.  IFA is also working to help establish neonatal and pediatric services in rural hospitals and to establish an ongoing volunteer program for visiting U.S. doctors to participate in the delivery of health care and the training of medical professionals and to improve the training of new neonatologists.


Our goals are lofty and expensive. No one person or institution can successfully take on these challenges by himself/herself or itself, but, with the generosity of individuals like yourself, they are achievable. It will take the participation of many individuals such as yourself to turn the tide of pain, despair and death. Please help to extend the blessings of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" that we enjoy in the United States to the people of Ethiopia, especially the children and new born babies. Please become a part of the miracle now by making a donation to IFA at


Fund Raising at the historic Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. 

The International Fund for Africa is happy to have presented the innovative stage show "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT - The Real Roots of Liberation", which made its debut as a Black History Month event this past February at the historic Herbst Theatre in San Francisco.

Inspired and compelled by a recent visit to Ghana, Dr. Roba felt the need for a platform of expression for the joy he felt in the growing movement and widespread celebration of veganism in Africa, Dr. Roba's lifestyle of pure vegetarianism and cruelty-free living. But joy turned to horror for Dr. Roba because, while in Ghana, he also visited the dungeons where Africans were imprisoned before being shipped into slavery in the Americas. In his shock he reflected upon the connection between the dungeons of yesterday and the factory farms of today, and how that slavery of today - meat and dairy production and consumption - causes environmental destruction in Africa which he regularly observes,  and devastation to human health, especially to African Americans, which he witnesses daily as a Houston emergency room physician. Dr. Roba was motivated to reach out to people of color with his thoughts and ideas. He contacted his friend, entertainment industry veteran and radio talk show host Bob Linden ("Go Vegan with Bob Linden" /, who produced "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT - The Real Roots of Liberation", transforming Dr. Roba's vision into one of the most entertaining evenings ever, but still presenting some of the most important life-saving, planet-saving messages ever. The audience sang, danced, laughed, and cried, and digested "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT".

John and Traci"SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT" was co-hosted by NBA pro basketball champion and TV personality John Salley and world-famous actress and model Traci Bingham. Soul music legend Lenny Williams of Tower of Power headlined a night that featured the reggae band Midnight Sun, Haitian singer King Wawa, comic Leo Flowers, the Fua Dia Congo African dance troupe, champion vegan  bodybuilder Kenneth G. Williams, and  moving, dramatic, and informative talks by Dr. Roba, and Milton Mills, M.D., an expert on preventive care specializing in health issues for people of color. Dr. Mills characterized what most African Americans eat today as "plantation slave food", and bemoaned the current unnecessary plague of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, and obesity.  Upon departing, audience members said that the event changed their lives forever, that they have a new and profound sympathy for animal suffering, and that they are going to change the way that they and their children eat.

With the overwhelmingly positive response to the production, Dr. Roba and Bob Linden are determined that "the show must go on" and that its urgent prescription for improved health for African Americans and a sustainable environment in Africa must be presented to people of color. Funding is needed and sponsorships are available to address production costs of "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT" and its possible presentation later this year at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., and the Apollo Theatre in New York. We would also like to produce "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT" for Black History Month in February in Los Angeles and in the Bay Area in Northern California. If you, your company, or your organization are interested in sponsorship of "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT" so that it can perform its critical community outreach, please contact us.

 IFA would like to thank the non-profit organizations In Defense of Animals, the San Francisco Vegetarian Society, and Go Vegan Radio for their caring support and sponsorships. Video of "SOUL FOOD-FOR-THOUGHT" is available on the IFA website at