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IFA Exhibition at AR Conference 2010
IFA's Projects featured on Vegan World Radio
IFA attends Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp
The Vegan Boricua
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IFA to co-host International Conference on Animal Welfare

September 6th-9th 2010, Nairobi, Kenya

IFA to attend World Veg Festival Weekend
San Fransisco
October 2nd-3rd, 2010



IFA Exhibition at AR Conference 2010

IFA joined 90 other organizations in participating in the Animal Rights Conference 2010, the world's largest and oldest animal rights gathering. The event took place on June 15th-19th in Alexandria, VA. IFA staff operated an exhibition booth and provided educational information on Factory Farming in Africa, along with info on projects related to Veterinary care, homeless animals, equines and other related projects. Please check out the photos from the event along with the latest IFA apparel and gear including tote bags, hats, t-shirts and mugs (which are available for purchase). Please find out more about the Animal Rights 2010 Conference.
IFA Booth at AR Conference 2010
Kind Visitors to IFA's Exhibition at
AR Conference 2010

IFA Project Profiled on

Vegan World Radio on July 21,2010

Anteneh Roba, MD, IFA's Co-Founder and President was interviewed by Shirley Wilkes-Johnson of the Pacifica Foundation's "Vegan World Radio" 90.1. on 7/21/2010. Joining the discussion was cardiologist Baxter Montgomery, MD. Topics of discussion included the health benefits of a vegan diet, the way diet affects overall health and raw vegan food. Dr. Roba discussed among other topics the detrimental effects of intensive agriculture, aka "Factory Farming", and its emergence in Africa -- Listen to the interview at
IFA Co-Founders Guests of Honor at Ethiopian Hertiage & Culture Camp

Anteneh Roba, MD and Seble Nebiyeloul, Co-founders of IFA, attended "Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp" in Harrisonburg, VA. The camp, intended for Ethiopian families and American parents of adopted Ethiopian children, attracts families from across the East Coast and Midwestern states. The goal of the camp is simple: To unite all families raising Ethiopian-American children, help the children develop pride in themselves as well as their heritage and become assets to their community. To that end, IFA President and Co-Founder Anteneh Roba, MD gave the keynote speech which focused on IFA's projects in Africa, advocacy and self-empowerment.

IFA Table at Ethiopian Heritage & Culture Camp
IFA Co-Founder Seble Nebiyeloul talks with
passers-by at Exhibition Table

Anteneh Keynote Speaker at Ethiopian Heritage & Culture Camp
Anteneh Roba Delivers Keynote speech at
Ethiopian Heritage and Culture Camp 

Who ever heard of a "Boricua" Vegan?  By Alida Quinones-Reyes


As a person of Puerto Rican descent (Boricua refers to the people of Borinquen which is an indigenous Taino name for someone from Puerto Rico) it is very rare to find someone who has chosen the Vegan lifestyle, so I consider myself an aberration to the norm.  


My journey into Veganism started about 6 years ago when I was contemplating eliminating red meat from my diet. I was somewhat successful but felt that I needed to look at my entire lifestyle and not resort to a piecemeal plan. So I decided to have a conversation with my dear friend and co-worker Seble Nebiyeloul.  I asked her many questions which she answered in a straight forward way, but told me she was going to lend me two books that she felt would help to "educate" me further. She came toting two books, one on Plant Roots and the other regarding the China Study. Both books offered me a whole new world and on June 5, 2004 I changed my way of life-I became a Vegan. The journey from that point to today has been one of major growth and better health.  My cholesterol was high and I had been on medications for 5 years, within months it was down to 100 and has remained low since.  I lost close to 50 pounds and have maintained it (except for the few pounds I put on during the winter!).My family thought I was going through the "change of life" and were very concerned until they realized that portions of this lifestyle could be good for them.  My husband and daughter love Vegan food and will eat every single thing I make. I have learned to "Veganize" Puerto Rican foods!So picture a typical Puerto Rican dish of rice and beans made with brown rice and seasoned with herbs and spices instead of meat and some nice stewed green beans with lots of garlic and cilantro. How can you resist?

Alida Quinones-Reyes

Alida Quinones-Reyes