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Issue: VIIIOctober 2010 
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IFA Speaks at SFVS's World Veg Weekend in San Francisco
IFA Founders to be Honored at Go Vegan Radio's "Day of Heroes" Benefit
Africa Animal Welfare Action Conference a Success
Wiping My Tears with a Wagging Tail
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Go Vegan Radio to Honor IFA Founders at Malibu "Day of Heroes" Event

October 17th, 2010

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Go Vegan Radio 

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East and Central Africa Vegetarian Congress for "Natural & Healthy Living"

Nairobi, Kenya 

December 2nd-5th, 2010

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IFA Speaks at SFVS's World Veg Weekend in San Francisco, CA
IFA's Founders, Anteneh Roba, MD and Seble Nebiyeloul, attended the San Francisco Vegetarian Society's 11th Annual "World Veg Festival" weekend. The event drew record crowds with over 6,500 people in attendance over the course of the event which included an eco fashion show, vegan cuisine and food demonstrations, live entertainment and more. The impressive schedule of guest speakers included IFA's Anteneh Roba, who discussed the relationship between modern farming practices, the resulting biodiversity loss and related human health concerns. Also in attendance were renowned authors John Robbins, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau; health experts Vaidya Priyanka and Kenneth G. Williams; physicians Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren, Dr. Steve Blake, Dr. Joel Fuhrman; and representatives from humane organizations and vegan advocacy groups  including Bob Linden of Go Vegan Radio, who served as emcee of the event.

In addition to speaking at the festival, Dr. Roba completed interviews with local television news organizations in San Francisco and an hour-long interview with Supreme Master TV, which broadcasts via Satellite worldwide in over 40 languages.

SMTV interviewAnteneh Interview with Local News at World Veg Weekend Oct 2-3 2010

 Dr. Roba interview                       Dr. Roba talks with local

 for Supreme Master TV                San Francisco News

Go Vegan Radio's "Day of Heroes" Benefit to Honor IFA Founders with International Heroes Award

Go Vegan Radio will honor IFA's founders, Anteneh Roba, MD and Seble Nebiyeloul, with their first-annual "International Heroes Award".   The event, which takes place on October 17th at the historic Frank Lloyd Wright Land property high in the cliffs of Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean, occurs in recognition of  Haiti's "Day of Heroes" national holiday. The event is open to the public and takes place from 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm and features live music, a cookout, speakers and awards presentation. Advance tickets can be purchased for $25 via Paypal at the website. Additional recipients of the award include Supreme Master Ching Hai and Haitian Vegan Haitian musician King Wawa.  All proceeds from the event benefit the construction of dome housing for earthquake-affected Haitians.  Please attend, show your support for IFA, enjoy a great event at a breaktaking location -- all for a noble cause!

Malibu Day of Heroes Awards
               Malibu Benefit BBQ for Haiti Event
               RSVP at or
               via Facebook

Africa Animal Welfare Action Conference in Kenya a Success!

The Africa Animal Welfare Action (AAWA) Conference 2010 was success.  The three-day conference was held on September 6th-8th in Nairobi,Kenya. The international event was aimed at exploring animal welfare issues in Africa. Hosted by Africa Network for Animal Welfare (ANAW), International Fund for Africa and World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), the Conference attracted participants from at least 30 African Countries and representatives from animal organizations worldwide. The participants explored ways to strengthen animal welfare in Africa as a critical component for development.

Kenyan Forestry and Wildlife Minister, Hon. Dr. Noah Wekesa presided over the official opening; 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate, Hon. Prof. Wangari Maathai sent her official remarks; and Prof. Ahmed Elsawalhy closed the conference.

Anteneh and Seble and AAWA Conference in Kenya

         (L-R) IFA's Seble Nebiyeloul & Anteneh Roba
                       at AAWA Conference in Kenya
Wiping My Tears with a Wagging Tail
by Seble Nebiyeloul

My Beloved Chino

One summer afternoon in July 2010, I was returning home from a conference that I had to attend in Manhattan.  The day was very humid, hot and muggy.  People were wearing light clothes and tried to avoid being outside as much as they could.  That day, my mind was tormented with a lingering sense of loss and sadness associated with the death of my beloved dog Chino. 

Chino was my best friend, my child and my life who taught me the value of humbleness, kindness, sensitivity to other beings and the power of love.   Anteneh rescued Chino in July 2004 and knew he would be perfect for me. The first time I met Chino we connected instantly and never wanted to be apart, becoming inseparable.  Chino was unique and sensitive; he was also the smartest and most alert dog that I had ever met.  He was loved by all our neighbors and was very popular in the dog community where we lived.  In late 2008, Chino was diagnosed with Cushings Disease which contributed to his loss his vision and many other complications.  He struggled with this condition for almost 2 years and lost his battle on May 10, 2010.   During the last months of his life Chino was sick and weak, but he never stopped expressing his love, happiness and his loyalty towards me.  He always acknowledged me by wagging his tail, jumping on me while pulling my hair or barking at me until I picked him up. It was always a joy to be around him.  Until the last minutes of Chino's life we slept together, he slept wrapped under my arm.  I was told by his Veterinarian that Chino had only one week to live as his organs started shutting down.  I was advised to put him to sleep.  At that time, both Chino and I were not ready for that news.  Through the help of my brother I met an herbal doctor who advised me to start with some herbal treatment that improved Chino's quality of life for about eight weeks. Chino became very cheerful, ate and played with other dogs.  He freely moved around and in fact during the first six weeks of his treatment Chino had showed a significant improvement with his appetite. Gradually he stopped eating and drank less.  He liked to be held on my lap for hours; it was getting very difficult for him to move around.

On the afternoon of May 10, I received a phone call  while I was at work.  It was my sister.  She told me that  Chino needed to go to the emergency room.  I rushed to him and as I held Chino in the emergency room's waiting area, I begged God to give Chino another chance.  Despite my wishful thinking, I knew the result would be horrible news.   The nurse arrived and took Chino with her.  Shortly thereafter, the doctor asked us to follow him into the consultation room and told us the bad news.  He gave us a few precious last moments of time to spend with Chino.  My sister insisted on holding Chino during the procedure so he will be comfortable and wanted Chino to know she was there for him. The events that took place in the procedure room were chaotic, very emotional and difficult for my sister, me and the staff.  I realized that we had reached our final destination. 

I still don't know what made me take a walk on such a humid, muggy and hot July day in New York, but I am glad I did it. Shortly after departing on my walk, I saw a small dog running from one corner to another.  I stopped and tried to follow the dog to see if there was a leash or name tag.  Every time I tried to get closer, the dog would run away from me. Finally, I decided to sit on the ground to see if the dog would approach me. Sure enough, the dog ran and jumped into my arms!  I hugged her (I realized the dog was female) and checked to see if she was injured. I could not find any open wounds and she was not limping.  I still made a decision to take her to my Veterinarian right away to see if someone reported a lost Chihuahua and to find out if she had a microchip with identifying or tracking information.  I left her with the Vet with the understanding that if anyone claimed a lost dog and identified her as theirs, she should be returned to her rightful caregiver. While she was with the Vet, I found myself praying that her caregivers would not be found so that I could keep her.  I called the Vet every day to find out if anyone claimed the dog. 

The moment I saw that little lost dog, I felt that Chino was listening to me and sent me to find her. I named her "Starr" before I knew she would be mine.  We bonded immediately, just like Chino before her.  When I left her at the Vet, she barked for me and made it clear that she did not want me to leave her. The staff at the Vet Clinic said "this dog was meant to be yours".  Starr looked very comfortable and happy with me.


Starr has now joined the Nebiyeloul family; she gets along very well with the other two dogs Chuchu and Cimba.  She is very playful and likes to sleep under my chin. I love her so much; she is my pillar  and my support.  She has made me feel better and helped me understand death as a painful experience, but it is part of The Life that will live with me forever. Chino taught me many life lessons and just when I thought I couldn't live without him, his memory reminded me that by opening my heart to Starr my love was multiplied, not divided.