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December 2010 
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IFA's Co-Founder attends UN Conference on Climate Change in Cancun,
The Vegan Students Association of Togo Promotes HealthEnvironmentally Friendly and Compassionate Lifestylesy,
Donation of Books presented to the Ethiopian Vegan Association & the Vegan Student Association of Togo"
"My Children" by Sam Kilfe
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IFA Co-Founder to speak at :
19TH-22nd May 2011- LUXEMBOURG

IFA's Co-Founder, Seble Nebiyeloul attends the Conference on Climate  Change in Cancun, Mexico

IFA's Co-Founder, Seble Nebiyeloul, attended the UN Conference on
Climate Change as part of a coalition of non-governmental organizations, including Brighter Green and A Well Fed World. The coalition pushed for initiatives that cause a speedy, society-wide shift to plant-based diets in order to preserve an abundant and peaceful world.
As documented by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization report
entitled "Livestock's Long Shadow" and numerous other studies, a major
shift to plant-based diets and away from animal products, is integral
to avoiding the impending global climate catastrophe.  

Mary Robinson former president of Ireland and Seble Nebiyeloul
Mia MacDonald from Brighter Green


For comprehensive information on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, visit them online at

The Vegan Students Association of Togo Promote Healthy, Eco-Friendly and Compassionate Lifestyles

The Vegan Students Association of Togo has been working on a campaign entitled "Welcome to the Vegan University" from September 1st thought November 31st. The campaign was organized to coincide with large numbers of new student enrollment and registration for classes. Students in Togo were treated to soya and gluten kebabs and other vegan products during a weekly event intended to raise consciousness about veganism and educate people about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. The Vegan Students Association of Togo is not only concerned with personal health and compassion but also the disproportionate impact  that animal agriculture has on environmental degradation and food shortages in Africa.EVA
Donation of Books presented to the Ethiopian Vegan Association & the Vegan Student Association of Togo

IFA was able to arrange for a large donation of of books and other media for the Vegan Students Association of Togo and the Ethiopian Vegan Association through the generous support of Martin Rowe of Lantern Books.


"My Children" by Sam Kilfe

While just browsing  the internet trying to learn about Dogs I landed on a story about dogs and Ethiopia some months ago. Then I said wait a minute I know this name and then realized  who it was. It was heartwarming to read about the rescue that brought the four legged helpless creature from Addis to Houston.

I never saw animals the way I see them now. It all started with a Poodle we named Sparky. My son now is 12 years old. He was begging to have a dog since he was about 5-6 years old. I gave in about 1 year ago and started the search. Deciding on adoption was easy for me thinking that we will make a difference in a dog's life.. So we adopted one from a rescue place but then the "making a difference" became mutual - yes we made a difference in Sparky's life but again it totally changed us. I now tell my friends that I have two children - one walks with two limbs and the second one walks with four limbs.
I did not know what it means to love an animal until Sparky came in our
life. I find it funny when I see my wife walking in the house after washing Sparky and holding him up wrapped in a towel until he dries.

I would not have imagined it two years ago.