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Issue: XIII MARCH 2011
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March 24 - April 6, 2011 International Fund for Africa Rural Medicine Project is sponsoring a medical mission to Zemero, Ethiopia.


May 19-22, 2011 International Fund for Africa co-founder, president Anteneh Roba M.D., will speak at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg.


June 4-12, 2011

International Fund for Africa will participate in the 13th Annual International Vegan Festival in Malaga, Spain.






As part of the International Fund for Africa (IFA) Rural Medicine Project, IFA is organizing the first medical mission to Zemero, Ethiopia from March 24 to April 6, 2011. The health care problems faced by the people in rural areas of Ethiopia are immense. This Medical Mission is the first of three planned for 2011 and will be composed of healthcare professionals and non-healthcare volunteers interested in providing improved healthcare to the Ethiopian people. The goal of these Medical Missions is to provide improved medical care to the Zemero community.


Zemero city
The Town of Zemero


 IFA is committed to organizing comprehensive teams every four months for the next several years. These teams will consist of practitioners of family and internal medicine, pediatricians, OB/GYN, dentists, ophthalmologists, nurses and general volunteers. This approach is designed to make a difference in these communities by providing services on a continual basis with monitored outcomes.  This approach will also enable IFA to develop a strong relationship with the local health care professionals to assess their medical knowledge and provide on-the-job training to fill in any gaps in their knowledge and develop a continuity of care.




Addis Ababa, Ethiopia -- International Fund for Africa (IFA) presented its Fourth Annual Award for Medical Research to Afework Kassu for his research paper titled Dysfunction of HIV Specific CD4 T-Cells During Chronic HIV Infection Is Associated with Elevated Concurrent Expression of Multiple Inhibitory Receptors.  




 left to right  Mr. Shewaneh Kenfu, IFA Project Manager; Mr. Zewdu Tadesse, IFA Country Representative; Mr. Afework Kassu Medical Research Award Recipient


The award of $1,000 was given at the annual Ethiopian Medical Association Conference held in Addis Ababa on February 17 and 18, 2011.  The award was presented by IFA's in-country representative, Zewdu Tadesse, and a short presentation speech was given by IFA project manager Shewaneh Kinfu.




UNIVERSITY OF LOME, Togo -- As part of its goal to promote veganism, the Vegan Students' Association held a campus-wide conference on veganism on January 22nd of this year, inviting each campus organization to send 5 of its members to the conference. Members of the association gave presentations on a variety of themes: veganism and world hunger, veganism and human health, veganism and pollution, veganism and climate change, veganism and animal cruelty. The head of the English department, Mrs. Awuku Ameyo, PhD, herself a vegan, sponsored the greater part of the conference. The association stands ready to assist any of the conference participants should they themselves want to try a vegan diet.


Group Education


The Vegan Students' Association also plans to participate in the annual Ethiopian Cultural Week taking place in April. At this event, the association will celebrate veganism as the secret of a happy and healthy lifestyle by demonstrating how the choice of foods that are eaten is directly linked to the quality of health and increase in life expectancy by up to 20 years. This year the association will feature vegan food products from the International Loving Hut store which recently opened up in Togo to show people some of the delicious foods that are part of the vegan diet.


International Fund for Africa (IFA) is a supporter of the Students' Vegan Association, providing informational materials and guidance. 


by Erick Mokafo-Brhom Yeleneke,

English/French Teacher, Translator and Interpreter, President of theVegan Students Association, President of Vegetarian Society of Togo, Coordinator of the African League for the Rights of Human and Non-Human Living Beings, Member of International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Council, University of Lome, Togo

West Africa



by Dr. Milton Mills


Our relationship with food has become Pornographic -our foods have become flashy, tarted-up, juiced-up exercises in obscene overindulgence!  The things we eat are injected with so much grease, salt, artificial flavoring and extra unnecessary ingredients that they've become bloated oversized caricatures of their former selves. 


And, as with any bad habit taken to extremes, out dysfunctional dietary habits are proving our ruination!


Find out why: Read the full article by Dr. Milton