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Issue: XXXI     September, 2012
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IFA at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg
Anteneh Roba Interviewed by Radio Ara in Luxembourg
Local Houston Restaurant Hosts IFA
Rhett: Ready for a New Home
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Upcoming Events

October 9, 2012

IFA President/CEO, Anteneh Roba M.D., will give a talk to the University of Houston's Introduction to Health Professions class.


November 16-18, 2012

IFA President/CEO, Anteneh Roba M.D., will speak in a session, called "Learnings from the International Fund for Africa" at the India for Animals 2012 Conference and Expo in Panjim, Goa, India. 


Fall-Winter, 2012

International Fund for Africa is sponsoring a medical mission to Zemero, Ethiopia.



IFA at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg


IFA participated in the 2012 Animal Rights Conference in Esch, Luxembourg this September, sending IFA President and cofounder Dr. Anteneh Roba to give a presentation on "Africa and its Animals". IFA also set up a booth for the event, handing out brochures detailing our many projects in Ethiopia. The conference included topics ranging from animal rights theory, to veganism, to incorporating activism in different settings. Animal rights activists and scholars from a multitude of countries, including Brazil, South Africa, the United States, Argentina, Germany, Taiwan, Ireland, and Italy, gave presentations on these topics.


Roba's presentation explained how unaware most members of the international community remained of the suffering of non-human animals in African society. He elaborated on the tragedies these animals often experience from the harsh conditions and improper treatment they are given. Roba's talk focused on IFA's dual mission: To spread this message across the world, so that people realize the need to help animals as well as humans in Africa; and to change the way Africans treat non-human animals.


IFA President Interviewed by Radio Ara

During the Animal Rights Conference held September 13-16, 2012 in Esch, Luxembourg, IFA President and co-founder Dr. Anteneh Roba gave an interview to Radio Ara, a free radio station in Luxembourg. Radio Ara spoke with many of the conference presenters about their work in support of animal rights and veganism.


In the interview with Radio Ara, Roba detailed the multiple causes of animals' suffering in Africa stemming from increased meat production, circus work, labor, and experimentation. He stressed the importance of IFA's efforts in helping both human and non-human animals in Africa.


Listen to the interview of Anteneh Roba and other conference presenters on Radio Ara.


Local Houston Restaurant Hosts IFA

On September 9, IFA President and co-founder Dr. Anteneh Roba gave a presentation for 30 Ethiopian professionals at Sheger Restaurant in Houston, TX. Speaking to these leaders within the Ethiopian community, Roba described IFA's goals in the country and more broadly, in rural Africa. He emphasized the work IFA has done for the human community, promoting neonatal and rural medicine projects and highlighting its goals for the future.



IFA has extended its efforts to ally with other NGOs working to overcome medical care problems in Africa. Most recently, our organization has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Hiwot Integrated Development Association (HIDA). This group was founded by the philanthropic Nurse Tibebe Maco in 1999, and has been working in Ethiopia on health and health-related education since then. Although formed originally to work on the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, HIDA has expanded to a broader focus on health, education, and nutrition. Through its MOU with IFA, the organization has shown its commitment to working with us toward achieving our mutual goals.


Rhett: Ready for a New Home


Rhett's story does not have the best beginning. When he was first rescued he had been used for bait in a dog fighting ring. He was very emaciated, extremely frightened, and suffered from muscle atrophy and heartworm.


"Rhett came to us nearly 11 months ago at 610 Pet Lodge, where we treated him for heartworm, gave him a lot of love and care, and gave him time to recover. He is now a happy, healthy, lovable 2-year old pit bull, with a beautiful red brindle color. Weighing about 44 lbs, he is more like a pocket pit, though his energetic personality more than makes up for his small size!


"Through the efforts of IFA, he's been able to get back on his feet, and become the happy-go-lucky dog he was meant to be."


--Jamie Cupps

Office Manager at 610 Pet Lodge


Note: Rhett was found at a notorious dumping site for dogs in Crosby, Texas, near Houston. Local news stations have featured this site on their shows, reporting on the frequency with which people dump their cars, couches, and, sadly, unwanted dogs at this single site. The problem has gotten so bad that Houston police are spending thousands of dollars in surveillance at the site, trying to catch those attempting to dump animals and unwanted items. To save animals left at the site and campaign against this terrible practice, local volunteers have also organized into a group called Stop the Crosby Puppy Massacres. Since IFA is always committed to helping animals in need, no matter where we may happen to find them, we have helped and will continue to help save Crosby dogs from this miserable fate.