International Fund for Africa
Issue: XXXIV       
December, 2012
International Fund for Africa Newsletter
In This Issue:
IFA Discusses Potential Partnership with Rita Marley Foundation
Amhara Development Association Expresses Interest in IFA's Green Community Village
Vegan World Radio Dedicates Show to a Maltese Dog
Anteneh Roba Remembers Nikita, IFA's Founding Inspiration
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January 16, 2013,
5-6 PM Central

IFA President/CEO, Anteneh Roba M.D., will be a guest on Dr Don's Show.
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September 12-15, 2013

IFA President/CEO, Anteneh Roba M.D., will speak at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg.



September 27-29, 2013

IFA President/CEO, Anteneh Roba M.D., will speak at the International Vegan Festival at Sthitaprajna Vegan Centre, Byndoor, Karnataka, India.




IFA Discusses Potential Partnership with Rita Marley Foundation


IFA Co-founder and COO Seble Nebiyeloul met with Rita Marley and her daughter at the Ghana Embassy for a dinner held in her honor, early December. Rita, wife of the late Bob Marley, currently lives in the mountains in Ghana in a village called Aburi. She started the Rita Marley Foundation to alleviate the burden of poverty in developing and under-developed countries. The Foundation targets struggling communities and utilizes economic, educational, and medical resources to empower them to thrive and become self-sustaining.


During this dinner gathering we were able to discuss future possibilities for cooperation between the two organizations. IFA and the Rita Marley Foundation share a similar approach to the problem facing Africa, believing that organizations must strive to help Africans help themselves and their communities. We look forward to potentially forming and developing a long-lasting partnership to eliminate poverty and empower communities through the creation of economic investments.


Amhara Development Association Expresses Interest in IFA's Green Community Village


Representatives of IFA and ADA (Amhara Development Association) met on Dec 17, 2012 to identify joint ventures and collaborations on particular projects, and discuss their implementation. Of the many projects IFA continues to support in Africa, the development of a Green Community Village particularly attracted ADA's attention, and extensively discussed this project during the meeting.


ADA has indicated special interest in helping IFA employ the Green Community Village concept. The Green Community Village model is centered on the belief that poverty can be eliminated by building rural areas of Africa into self-sustaining communities. The Green Community Village combines solar power, water harvesting techniques, edible landscaping, conservation farming, and protected cultivation to provide electrical power, water, and food for village-scale economic development.


This innovative method of approaching the problem of poverty in Africa offers new hope that African communities can permanently overcome the great challenges facing them today. The Green Village concept can advance many aspects of economic development in sub-Saharan Africa. Attaining and maintaining a level of food and water security is crucial to creating this long-lasting solution. Through training programs, villages will learn high-yield, sustainable agricultural practices that can be passed on to new generations and members of the community. Meanwhile, by replacing human labor and mechanical and draft-animal power with solar energy, an abundant source of energy can be harnessed to generate sufficient quantities of healthy food and pure water.


Vegan World Radio Dedicates Show to a Maltese Dog


On December 5, 2012, Vegan World Radio of Houston, TX interviewed IFA President and co-founder Anteneh Roba about what inspired him to help human and non-human animals and how that inspiration eventually led to the formation of the International Fund for Africa. Dr. Roba explained that his own inspiration to help not only non-human animals, but suffering humans in Africa as well, came from a small maltese dog named Nikita, who became his companion for more than a decade. Their relationship, and the founding of International Fund for Africa that directly resulted from it, highlight the many ways companion animals can teach us about compassionately caring for our world and its inhabitants.


Working for animal rights in African countries where there are so many suffering people presents its own challenges, as Dr. Roba explained from experience. People both within the country and outside of it often feel that helping animals is outrageous when so much human suffering persists. Approaching these problems holistically, and with a clear understanding that non-human animals have intrinsic worth and deserve to be treated with care and compassion, IFA strives to alleviate the sufferings of both. Along the way, Dr. Roba and his organization have been awed by the amount of human compassion towards animals they have witnessed.


Dr. Roba emphasized humanity's responsibility to help companion animals, because we have so long bred them and kept them as pets built for human companionship. Because the vegan movement remains so focused on eliminating animal-based food from diets, it often neglects the pressing needs of these companion animals that live with and around us. The road to spreading compassion for animals is a long one. Perhaps we all just need our own Nikita.


And here is a link to the show if anyone wants to listen to it.


Anteneh Roba Remembers Nikita, IFA's Founding Inspiration


On November 28, 2012, Nikita my companion, my soul-mate, died at the age of thirteen. His death is significant not only because he was my beloved son, and because the sorrow I feel cannot be described in words and has left a gaping hole in my heart, but also because he was the being most responsible for my decision to co-found the International Fund for Africa. It might be hard for some people to comprehend how a nine-pound maltese dog could have had such an impact on a human being. Fourteen years ago, I would have asked the same question. Nevertheless, his entrance into my life some thirteen years ago has changed me into the person I am today: Dedicated to helping the weak, the voiceless, and the sick, of both the two-legged and the four-legged variety. For that gift I will be forever indebted to my little Guru. May he rest in peace.


--Anteneh Roba, IFA President and Co-founder


View the full remembrance article on CNN.