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December, 2013
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School Nutrition and Health Program at the Abune Basilios Primary School

Dr. Anteneh Roba Speaks About Major Health Issues

2012 Audit Now Available

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School Nutrition and Health Program at the Abune Basilios Primary School


IFA recently finalized its partnership with Abune Basilios School, located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to fund the expansion of their School Nutrition and Health (SNH) program. By extending the number of primary school children participants from 50 to 150, IFA will be able to help students suffering from a lack of adequate nutrients, access to hygienic resources, and preventable diseases. At the heart of this project is our desire to combat the shocking reality that 23 million school-age children in Africa attend school hungry. By securing the most basic necessities for some of these young people, we vastly increase their own ability to take advantage of the education available to them.


The cost of providing these benefits to the schoolchildren most in need of them amounts to just $67 U.S. dollars per year. The SNH program at Abune Basilios school, initially funded by generous donors, will become a self-sustainable program within 18 months of its expansion.


Dr. Anteneh Roba Speaks About Major Health Issues


On December 10, 2013, IFA President Dr. Antehen Roba was featured on KPFT, along with Dr. Baxter Montgomery, a Houston cardiologist. Both doctors discussed the benefits of a plant-based diet, and answered inquiries from callers interested in the benefits gained from a healthy diet. Roba invoked his work on behalf of the sick and malnourished in Ethiopia to explain the alarming threat that unhealthy, animal-based diets have posed in first-world countries such as the United States. He described the incredibly low incidence of high blood pressure, high heart rate, high blood sugar, and diabetes in rural Africa, where the people rely upon plant-based diets for survival.


As Dr. Montgomery further explained, Americans need to pay particular attention to what they eat during the holiday season. Christmas day is the leading day of the year for fatal heart attacks, and chronic illnesses caused or exacerbated by the consumption of animal-based foods often peak during the months-long period from Halloween to Christmas. Dr. Roba also pointed out that while a family history of particular diseases might be cause for alarm, individuals can typically take control of their heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar by eating the right foods. Controlling one’s environment and choosing a healthy, plant-based diet, he urges, quite often successfully combats any genetic predispositions to heart disease.


2012 Audit Now Available


IFA's annual audit for 2012 was recently completed, and is now available online. To see the complete report, please visit our website.