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Issue: XLVIII             
February, 2014
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A Well Fed World Donates $10,000 to IFA School Project
Anteneh Roba Interviewed by Go Vegan Host Bob Linden
Pledge Your Support to IFA's School Health and Nutrition Proposal
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A Well-Fed World Donates $10,000 to IFA School Project

We are pleased to announce that the hunger relief and animal protection organization, A Well-Fed World, is donating $10,000 to IFA's School Health and Nutrition program. Known for promoting innovative projects that work to prevent and alleviate the suffering of impoverished people across the globe, A Well-Fed World has recognized our ability to make a significant contribution to the rural area surrounding Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This donation will allow us to implement our plans for a school program that will provide healthy food to, and ensure the good hygiene of, hundreds of students attending two local primary schools.


Anteneh Roba Interviewed by Go Vegan Host Bob Linden

Anteneh Roba spoke to radio host Bob Linden about a compelling journey he took in 2009 to the Gulf Coast of Ghana in West Africa, where the slave trade thrived for many years. The intense experience he had visiting the slave dungeons of a castle altered Roba's perspective on the enormity of suffering that animals are forced to endure in today's world. Walking through rooms that in the past had been filled with Africans brought from the interior and imprisoned prior to their transportation to the Americas, Roba had the powerful sensation that all of these experiences were being replicated today, through our unnecessarily cruel treatment of animals. Roba explained that just as people years ago lived their lives without thinking of the suffering of human slaves, we in the modern world live out our existence never considered the wellbeing of countless animals who are forced to endure the extreme suffering wrought by slaughterhouses and factory farms. Highlighting the interconnectedness of the lives of humans and animals, Roba stressed that the prevalence of factory farming in industrialized countries has exacerbated climate change problems and wrought health problems in both industrialized and impoverished areas.


Pledge Your Support to IFA's School Health and Nutrition Proposal

We have recently completed a comprehensive proposal of our School Health and Nutrition Proposal, and are seeking the contributions of our supporters in order to create a self-sustaining food and hygiene program for two urban primary schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


So many children in Ethiopia suffer from under-nutrition, which produces irreversible negative effects upon both physical and mental health and contributes to a staggering percentage of child deaths. Arriving to school hungry and unable to focus, children cannot seize the opportunities of education to improve their own lives. By building upon the existing framework of a School Health and Nutrition program, IFA will give the children attending two primary schools in Addis Ababa the food, health education, and medical care they need to thrive as young children and students. Then, by working with teachers, students, the school community, the local community, and local small businesses, we will build a network of support for these students that results in a self-sustaining program capable of impacting countless additional students far into the future.


With your support, we can create the foundation for the future of these children. You can make a donation on our website.