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April, 2014
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Progress Update: IFA's Project for Impoverished Children is Now Underway
IFA Welcomes Helagenet Mussie as Resource Mobilization and Grant Manager
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Progress Update: IFA's Project for Impoverished Children
Is Now Underway



IFA is pleased to report that after the April 2014 signing of the new School Health and Nutrition (SHN) project agreement with two primary schools in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the planned work is well underway. We have already accomplished the initial stages of the work, in the following order:


The first step: We have set up a SHN committee responsible for running the project. The members of the committee include: The headmasters, representatives from teachers, students, parents, the school community, and the coordinators from IFA and the district education and health office. The establishment of this committee ensures ownership and sustainability of the SHN program, and the organization has already completed its first task: Sselecting the project beneficiaries from a set of agreed-upon criteria.


The second step: In order to standardize hygienic practices, IFA embarked upon and completed renovating and installing washing facilities with running water for the kitchens at Sebiste Negasi Primary School (SNPS). At Aghazian Primary School (APS), a temporary kitchen with running water was built. The kitchens now have the capacity to accommodate future expansion of the program beyond preparing meals for the 150 students currently enrolled from both schools.


The third step: We have supplied the required kitchen equipment, including cooking stoves, pots and pans, and utensils.


The next step: In the coming days, two important aspects of the program will be completed: A baseline survey will be conducted of the demographic and anthropometric measurements of enrolled students, which will be used as a monitoring and evaluation tool; and enrolled students will be served their first nutritious, plant-based meals through the program at lunch time.


IFA Welcomes Helagenet Mussie as
Resource Mobilization and Grant Manager



IFA recently welcomed Helagenet Mussie, a graduate of Addis Ababa University with expertise in Economic Policy Management and experience in fundraising, as our new Resource Mobilization and Grant Manager. Mussie will be developing a detailed Partnership and Resource Mobilization (PRM) strategy and leading our efforts in both resource mobilization and donor partnerships. By helping us to build additional relationships between official donors, charities, and members of the corporate sector, Mussie will help IFA to expand our impact as an international NGO.