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August, 2014
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Anteneh Roba Interviewed by Vegan World Radio
IFA COO Seble Nebiyeloul Committed to Saving Lives
IFA a Candidate for the Ambassador Special Self-Help Program Award
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September 11 - 14 International Animal Rights Conference, Luxembourg

IFA President and Co-Founder, Anteneh Roba M.D., will present two papers at the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg. One paper titled "The Health Challenges of Being Vegan", the other "Injustice Anywhere Is Injustice Everywhere".


Anteneh Roba Interviewed by Vegan World Radio

Recently, Anteneh Roba appeared on Vegan World Radio, a one-hour, once-per-week radio show hosted by KPFT in Houston, Texas. On Tuesday, July 29, Vegan World Radio held a special "Fund Drive" edition to raise funds for its continued advocacy of veganism and animal rights, and Roba generously donated $100 in support of the program. Roba appeared nearly halfway through the show, and spoke about the work that International Fund for Africa does on behalf of both humans and animals. Highlighting IFA projects that feed hungry schoolchildren whose parents have died from AIDS, have treated the sick during medical missions, and that salvage homeless dogs, horses, and donkeys left to die in Ethiopia, Roba explained that veganism should entail a way of life centered on treating all human and non-human animals with love and respect.


Listen to Roba's interview


IFA COO Seble Nebiyeloul Committed to Saving Lives

IFA Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Seble Nebiyeloul, has had a busy summer working to promote and sustain the well-being of people across the globe. Most recently, she was interviewed on Fana Radio Station on July 27, 2014, about her work with Women for Life (WFL), an organization for which she serves as a board member. Nebiyeloul described WFL's mission of preventing the all-to-frequent death of women from childbirth. The organization has been working closely with Ghandi Hospital and other organizations to ensure that hospitals are properly equipped and prepared to save the lives of women in danger during childbirth.


Nebiyeloul's work with WFL is just one example of the many endeavors she engages in on behalf of others, and exemplifies the commitment she brings to her work as COO of IFA.


IFA a Candidate for the Ambassador Special
Self-Help Program Award

As part of our continued efforts to help starving and malnourished schoolchildren in Addis Ababa, Ethiopa, IFA has applied to The Ambassador's Special Self-Help Program (SSHP) of the United States Embassy in Addis Ababa. The program awards financial grants to projects that will make a significant contribution to the improvement of a local community. Most projects chosen to be part of the SSHP receive $10,000-$12,000. To be selected, the project must be initiated by the community, and make a substantial improvement on living conditions or income.


The deadline for applications was May 31, 2014, and IFA remains one of the potential awardees for our "Sustainable School Health and Nutrition Program at Agazian Primary School". We are requesting $11,735 to fund the establishment of a bakery that will successfully transition the project from its reliance on financial contributions and toward self-sustainability.


More information about the Ambassador's SSHP.