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September, 2014
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Seble Nebiyeloul Highlights the Pioneering Work of Dr. Mulualem Gessesse
IFA Awarded Certification of Appreciation
IFA Kicks Off 2014-2015 School Health and Nutrition Program
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Seble Nebiyeloul Highlights the Pioneering Work of Dr. Mulualem Gessesse

Seble Nebiyeloul Speaking at the Book Ceremony

On September 4, 2014, Ms. Seble Nebiyeloul, attended a ceremony celebrating the book The Journey to Save The Innocent Littles by Dr. Mulualem Gessesse. Gessesse is the neonatologist responsible for establish and initiating radical improvements to the neonatology unit at Yekatit 12 Hospital. Aware of her path-breaking work on behalf of newborns in Ethiopia, IFA provided vital equipment to the unit to help Gessesse achieve her mission of treating newborn infants in dire need of medical care. The book ceremony was attended by the Federal Ministry of Health Dr. Kesete Admasu, the Cuban ambassador, representatives of several international NGOs, and government officials. Seble Nebiyeloul spoke at the ceremony, commenting on the book and Gessesse's work.


Gessesse's book offers a brief history of Yekatiti 12 and the Neonatology Department, describing the challenges that Gessesse faced in establishing the neonatal unit at the hospital. To overcome the many barriers she faced, Dr. Gessesse developed close relationships with her medical support team, identifying and partnering with potential donors and working with them effectively and efficiently. Her work ethic and relentless commitment to improving the care of newborns contributed to the success not only of the neonatal services in Yekatit 12 Hospital, but of several other Ethiopian hospitals that have benefited from her training program and services. In her book, Gessesse includes her own training materials and her plan of action for saving newborns in areas where resources are limited. The book serves as an important guide for medical professionals working in under-developed countries where child mortality rates remain high.


IFA Awarded Certification of Appreciation

IFA has received a certification of appreciation from the Federal Minister of Health Dr. Kesete Admasu and Yekatit 12 Dr. Mulualem Gessesse. The certificate was awarded in recognition of IFA's work with Yekatit 12 hospital since 2007. Since that time, IFA has assisted Dr. Gessesse in the establishment of the Neonate Unit, standardized essential services, and expanded services for newborn patients to other hospitals. In her book on Yekatit 12, Gessesse wrote a chapter detailing IFA's role in first developing the new unit at the hospital and later contributing to the setup of a new NICU. So far, IFA has contributed over 5.2 million birr (over $260,000) toward the development of the Neonatology Department at Yekatiti 12 Hospital.


IFA Kicks Off 2014-2015 School Health and Nutrition Program

The School Health and Nutrition Program started up again after taking the customary school year break during the rainy season from July to September. During the 2014-2015 school year, IFA will provide 164 children (half in Sibeste Negasi Primary School and half in Agazian No. 2 Primary School) with a school lunch. This year, not only will IFA feed the most vulnerable children, but will also being working on a long-term goal of setting up a bakery in each school in order to make the program self-sustainable. The bakeries will sell bread rolls on a wholesale basis to distributors and generate sufficient income to enable the schools to fully fund the feeding programs. IFA has recently submitted six proposals for grants to pay for setting up the bakeries. It has been shortlisted on two of them, and is waiting to hear from the others. In the meantime, IFA continues to receive much-needed donations and promises of more to come. IFA would like to highlight several generous donations that it has received for the program:

  • ETB 30,000 in cash donations from a number of individual donors in the UK; from people who really want to sponsor children on the school feeding program
  • ETB 39,000 has been pledged by another UK donor to enable establishment of a proposed school garden at Sibiste Negasi Primary School
  • An individual donation of ETB 5,000 was provided by a local lady to help the school feeding program
  • An initial ETB 3,000 has been given by an Ethiopian gentleman and he has also promised further help in supplying school bags for some of the most vulnerable children
  • An Australian couple living in Addis Ababa has promised a cash donation of ETB 16,000 for the school feeding program

IFA would like to send its heartfelt thanks to all of these generous donors for their kind support and will update you on the progress of the program. The new coordinator has settled in well and has enjoyed participating in preparations for the new school year. In the last week of September she provided additional training for the cooks and oversaw the installation of electric stoves as well as the painting of the kitchens and dining rooms. In the next few weeks, the children enrolled in the program will participate in baseline surveys that will enable IFA to assess the actual impact of the school feeding program on their health. The IFA team looks forward to this school year as they continue to help more children in need.