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Issue: LVII             
November, 2014
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New Website Goes Live December 2014
164 Students Benefiting from School Health and Nutrition Program
IFA Plans Two New Projects to Help Animals
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New Website Goes Live December 2014

IFA is undergoing the process of updating the website and is prepared for its release in December 2014. The website will describe the history of work done in Africa and, most importantly, will feature the most recent initiatives on behalf of human and non-human animals. Please stay tuned for the updated website.


164 Students Benefiting from School Health and Nutrition Program

The SHN program is running very well. IFA continues to provide 164 students of two elementary schools with a nutritious daily meal, which is always enjoyed by the students with such positive feedback. In addition, IFA has made improvements to the dining rooms, conducted baseline surveys in both schools and improved the procurement system by employing contract suppliers.


School Health and Nutrition Program
Some of the different foods that make up IFA's weekly menu for the students

IFA is now moving into the next phase of the program to make it sustainable by building a bakery in each school. The construction of the first bakery at Agazian No.2 Primary School will start in December 2014, and IFA is working closely with the Nifas Silk Sub-city Finance and Economy Development Office to ensure all rules and regulations are being met.


Meanwhile Nardos Alemayehu, our Project Coordinator, is doing an excellent job overseeing the program for both schools. He will shortly be providing more training for the cooks as well as starting a health education teaching program for the students, which will include such topics as hygiene, nutrition and prevention of disease.


To ensure and accelerate the completion of these vital projects IFA has submitted proposals for several grants that should respond soon. IFA will provide you with regular progress reports on these grants as well as the bakery's construction.


IFA Plans Two New Projects to Help Animals

Most recently, IFA's attention has been focused on spreading the health benefits of veganism and overcoming the hunger and malnutrition that plagues young schoolchildren each day in Ethiopia. Nevertheless, IFA's dedication to the non-human animals that live among us and enhance our lives has not waned. IFA is pleased to announce two new projects that should begin in the following months. The first focuses on ongoing efforts to find or purchase land for a donkey and horse sanctuary, where old or homeless animals could peacefully live out the remainder of their lives rather than facing abandonment, abuse, or hunger on the streets. Secondly, IFA plans the establishment of a mobile vet clinic that will treat dogs that are either homeless or belong to low-income families unable to afford veterinary services. The initial phases of these endeavours are under way, and IFA looks forward to providing you updates in the next few months.