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Issue: LXIV              
June, 2015
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Techno Brain Employees Committed to Corporate Giving
Expansion of Rural Development Programs
New Proposal Will Extend SHNP to 200 Additional Children
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Techno Brain Employees Committed to Corporate Giving

The employees at Techno Brain, East Africa's leading IT solutions provider, have committed to making a monthly contribution to IFA's School Health and Nutrition Program (SHNP). As part of their participation in Corporate Social Responsibility, a portion of their salaries will be allocated to our SHNP every month to support vulnerable children in need of nutritious meals. The first monthly donation began this June, and we are looking forward to receiving the continued support of the Techno Brain company.


Expansion of Rural Development Programs

In September of 2015, IFA will launch the School Food and Health (SFH) program in North Shewa, specifically in Zemero, Jihur and Jall Debebe Primary Schools. This program will provide one balanced meal daily for each student so that they able to fully benefit from educational opportunities and grow into healthy adults. An income-generating endeavor supported by the community will ensure the project's sustainability. The initiative will be undertaken in partnership with the International Development Association (IDA)


In addition to partnering up for the SFH program, IFA and IDA are working together on a new project that seeks to create an affectionate caregiver-child bond that will facilitate children's emotional, social and language development. Representatives from both organizations recently traveled to North Shewa, Mehalmeda, and Debre Berhan to meet with sub-city and woreda health and education officials and discuss IFA and IDA programs. The reception was favorable. Local officials were supportive and are excited to work with both organizations. IFA is now working to open a Debre Berhan branch in order to further support schools in North Shewa.


New Proposal Will Extend SHNP to 200 Additional Children

Over the last year, IFA has successfully developed our sustainable School Health and Nutrition Program (SHNP) in two schools in Addis Ababa, through which 170 vulnerable students have benefitted from a daily school lunch. The strategy and design of the program has always been to make it sustainable through the development of Income-Generating Activities (IGAs) that are able to fully support the program in future years. We are pleased to announce that we are now nearing the completion of the IGAs – namely, two bakeries and a mushroom production unit – and these should be fully operational by August 2015. The income from these IGAs will support the SHNP, including the provision of school lunches for the most vulnerable students, at the two schools over the coming years.


We are pleased to announce that IFA is now in a position to scale up our sustainable SHNP and extend it to two additional schools in Addis Ababa to aid in their fight against poverty and malnutrition. The two schools have been selected in collaboration with the Sub-city Education Office. IFA, in conjunction with both schools, has just completed the required needs assessments and feasibility studies for the proposed IGAs. We are currently in the process of submitting a new SHNP proposal to the Sub-city Charity Office and Federal Charity Office for their approval. The program's anticipated start date is September 2015, and will provide vital meals to an additional 200 vulnerable students.


Any financial support for the expansion of our SHNP will be gratefully received. Please refer to our donate page.