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Issue: LXV              
July, 2015
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IFA Awards Dedicated Volunteers

New Mobile Clinic Will Help
Homeless Animals

Art Show Featuring Work of a Talented Young Artist Sponsored by Founders of IFA
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IFA Awards Dedicated Volunteers

For the past year, volunteer teachers and members of the School Health and Nutrition Committee have dedicated many hours to making our SHN program a success. On July 11, 2015, IFA awarded 38 individuals who helped feed the children of the Sibiste Negasian Primary School and the Agazian No. 2 Primary School during the 2014–2015 school year. The SHN Committee, comprised of such individuals as the school director, community elders, Woreda health office workers, and schoolteachers, fulfilled numerous functions during the year. The committee helped screen beneficiaries, monitor the feeding program, and mobilize the community to participate in feeding program activities. In monthly committee meetings, the group addressed the various issues that arose as the project gained momentum. Representatives of the Woreda health office ensured that students not only received nutritious meals but also were provided with deworming tablets and vitamin A. Meanwhile, volunteer teachers supervised and monitored the students benefitting from the program. IFA is grateful to all of these wonderful people who have helped us to make the SHN program a success.


New Mobile Clinic Will Help Homeless Animals

As an international non-profit organization that works to advance not only human but also animal well-being, advocacy and health, IFA launched a temporary Trap, Spay and Neuter (TNR) pilot program in 2009. This year, we are planning to create a permanent, self-sustaining program aimed at helping the homeless, abandoned and sick animals in Addis Ababa. We have designed an Income Generating Activity (IGA) after receiving permission from the Charity and Societies Agency of Ethiopia. The IGA will be a veterinary clinic that provides services to middle- and upper-class customers in the community of Addis Ababa. The revenue collected from these services as well as from the products of the stationary clinic will fund a mobile clinic for homeless animals that will decrease the incidence of rabies in the community by 25%.


The mobile clinic for homeless animals will also provide community education through different media by collaborating with the Addis Ababa University College of Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Club for Animal Welfare (AAU/CVMA/CAW), which are currently working to educate the local community about animal welfare. IFA is in need of donations to kick-start this project and establish the mobile clinic. To learn more about our programs and donate, please visit the IFA Donate page.


Art Show Featuring Work of a Talented Young Artist
Sponsored by Founders of IFA

Art Show in Addis Ababa


The founders of IFA have a special interest in promoting and supporting Ethiopian arts as an integral part of the country's culture and expression. In certain areas of the world art is a dying trade, and people's attitudes toward art can either encourage or stifle young artists. We seek to encourage and embrace the artist and his or her original ideas, so that the artist and the work will thrive. In order to fulfill that mission, the founders of IFA sponsored an art show on May 30, 2015, for a young artist named Theodros Tadesse. Theodros works with water paint and is also known for his sculptures. Some of the unique works in his repertoire include a giant cross and a set of monuments based upon historical themes. Our main purpose in holding this art show was to display for the public the important role that the arts play in our society, and to encourage members of the community to support their local artists. The art show was well attended by friends and family members of those within IFA.


Art Show in Addis Ababa