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August, 2015
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IFA Co-founder Seble Nebiyeloul featured in The Washingtonian

A Well-Fed World Runs Successful Fundraising Campaign for IFA

IFA in the Spotlight on National Diaspora Day
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IFA Co-founder Seble Nebiyeloul featured in The Washingtonian

This year, IFA Co-founder and native Ethiopian Seble Nebiyeloul was featured in The Washingtonian's article on modern Ethiopian cuisine. When the article's author, Todd Kliman, visited Ethiopia in February 2015 to investigate the culinary practices of modern-day Ethiopians, he enjoyed a meal prepared by Seble, also known as "Kiddy," during his stay. The article describes Seble's background as a daughter of Ethiopia's Minister of Intelligence in the early 1970s. Fleeing to America after a coup resulted in the execution of her father and other government officials, Seble remained for nearly three decades in the US before returning to Ethiopia. The article goes on to explain the transition Seble made to veganism, and the development of her own "modern Ethiopian vegan cuisine" which ensued.


To read the February 2015 article and learn more about modern Ethiopian cuisine, please visit The Washingtonian.


A Well-Fed World Runs Successful Fundraising Campaign for IFA

A Well-Fed World, IFA's partner in many projects and initiatives that IFA has undertaken in Africa, recently ran a very successful fundraising campaign for IFA. The funds garnered in this campaign will benefit the undernourished children IFA is serving in our school health and nutrition programs at schools in Ethiopia.


IFA in the Spotlight on National Diaspora Day

National Diaspora Day Booth


The first National Diaspora Day celebrations were held from August 12 to 17, 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The event encouraged the people of the Ethiopian diaspora to support their country of origin by investing their knowledge and wealth in Ethiopia, with the mantra of "Together for the Renaissance of Ethiopia."


This well-attended event offered IFA a unique opportunity. IFA was one of only two nonprofit organizations offered a booth to showcase its achievement, and resided at the celebration among many private business venture exhibitors.


The fact that IFA is co-founded by two members of the Ethiopian diaspora, Dr. Anteneh Roba and Ms. Seble Nebiyeloul, is an inspiration to many people in and of itself. When the visitors of IFA's booth learned about its mission, values and projects, some were drawn to offer their assistance right then and there. One such instance was a private company, which is now willing to donate to the project of improving the water and sanitation of a public school where IFA runs a school health and nutrition program.


The event also resulted in some meaningful media coverage for IFA. Various radio stations, newspapers and television programs interviewed IFA's country director, Seble Nebiyeloul, whose reputation as a candid speaker precedes her.