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Issue: LXXVI              
June, 2016
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Anteneh Roba, M.D., Gives Talk on Intersectionality

IFA Welcomes Seble Assefa

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Anteneh Roba, M.D., Gives Talk on Intersectionality


As part of IFA's commitment to the well-being of both human and non-human animals, Anteneh Roba gave a talk on intersectionality as part of an Animal Rights/Vegan Advocacy (ARVA) event held in Palm Beach County, Florida, on May 21st. The event, titled "Connecting the Dots", also featured Jarod Jacobs, a vegan supporter of animal rights, and focused on the importance of respect for people, animals, diet and the overall well-being of the plane.


Roba's speech focused on intersectionality, which recognizes the various sources of oppression that members of particular groups encounter and the ways in which they overlap and intersect. He made some compelling connections between speciesism, sexism, and racism, and the roles that they place in society. Much of this presentation drew upon the work that Roba had completed while writing his chapter, "Injustice Everywhere" for the book Circles of Compassion.


IFA Welcomes Seble Assefa


IFA is pleased to welcome Seble Assefa as a new member of the team. Seble is coming on board as an employee of the Sustained School Health and Nutrition Program (SSHNP) and will fill the position of full-time Field Officer. Her many new responsibilities with our program include overseeing the cooks at each primary school site, keeping records of students' attendance, and managing the delivery of food items to the sites to ensure that students receive healthy and nutritious meals each day. Seble's work will help us to accomplish our goal of reaching as many impoverished and mal-nutritious students as possible in order to provide them with a stable school environment and steady diet.