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Issue: LXXVIII              
August, 2016
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Dr. Anteneh Roba Discusses IFA on Marlene and Friends

IFA Welcomes New Accountant, Girum Alemayehu Negussie

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Dr. Anteneh Roba Discusses IFA on Marlene and Friends


On July 3rd, IFA's co-founder and president Dr. Anteneh Roba appeared on Marlene and Friends, a program run by health counselor and author Marlene Watson-Tara. Watson-Tara interviewed Roba as part of a project to speak with 30 individuals involved in the animal-rights movement and develop a television series based on their interviews. In their conversation together, Watson-Tara invited Roba to speak about his roots as a vegan and his motivation to found IFA. Roba described the multifaceted approach he conceived from the beginning for IFA, which focuses on the interconnected well-being of both human and non-human animals. Watson-Tara provides a short summation of this approach in the article she posted about us on her website, and you can listen to the full interview on her website.


IFA Welcomes New Accountant, Girum Alemayehu Negussie


We are pleased to announce that Girum Alemayehu Negussie has joined IFA as our new accountant. Negussie graduated from Mekelle University in 2007 with degrees in Finance and Accounting. He has nearly a decade of experience working as an auditor and part-time accountant and tax advisor for a variety of organizations including NGOs, government institutions, and private companies. Negussie joined us in early June, and we welcome the significant addition his knowledge and expertise will bring to our organization.