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March, 2017
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Help Needed in the Wake of National Disaster

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Help Needed in the Wake of National Disaster


On March 11, 2017, over 100 Ethiopians were killed in a landslide at a massive garbage dump located just outside the capital of Addis Ababa. In addition to serving as the landfill for the national capital, the area also acts as a home for those who, too poor to afford alternate housing, find shelter there in the form of mud and stick huts. The landslide highlights the poverty and need of so many people who struggle to obtain the basic necessities of life in the form of food, shelter, and clothing. As a local NGO on the ground near Addis Ababa, IFA plays a pivotal role in the area and will now jumpstart an expansion of our School Health and Nutrition Program to serve children in Koshe, which was directly affected by the landslide. Rather than waiting to implement this planned expansion of our program to two schools in the Koshe area, we want to begin the feeding program right away so that we may provide healthy, nutritious lunches to children in desperate need of them without any further delay.


IFA needs your help to push forward our project and begin providing meals to students who reside in one of the poorest areas of Ethiopia. The School Health and Nutrition Program has already helped hundreds of young children receive life-altering nourishment throughout the school year. IFA needs your support to fulfill our mission, and help those presently in need in Koshe. Please donate to our program through our website.


Thank you for all that you do to support IFA, working to improve the lives of those in greatest need.