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Issue: XCIII              
November, 2017
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Become Our Hunger Fighting Partner
The Devaluation of the Ethiopian Economy
IFA Welcomes Your Year-End Giving

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The donations of our supporters, people like you, are largely responsible for the Foundation's positive impact as detailed in our newsletters. Thank you for your kind generosity and support in helping save lives and reduce suffering. Much more needs to be done, and it cannot happen without your support.


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Become Our Hunger Fighting Partner

Sample School Lunch

No child should come to school hungry in the 21st Century

IFA continues its work of fighting hunger and undernutrition among schoolchildren. The School Health and Nutrition Program took off successfully this year in partnership with local schools. The  program allows food insecure schoolchildren to receive nutritious meals on school grounds.

The impact of our work

Over 600 vulnerable children are saying:

  • NO to hunger and YES to good nutrition with de-worming and micronutrient supplementation!
  • NO to poor education and absenteeism and YES to improved learning ability!
  • NO to gender inequality and YES to gender empowerment!
  • NO to contamination and YES to hygienic and sanitary practices!
  • NO to poverty and YES to socio-economic value transfer to households!

IFA believes the SHN program has an innovative approach: Provide children with more nutritious meals when they are at school. The additional nutritional education and the introduction of diverse food in this year's revised school menu will transfer knowledge to school community households. The new dishes promote food diversity and ensure the well-being of undernourished children with a well-balanced diet. The healthy recipes include fresh produce, avocado, peanut butter, soya and injera (Ethiopian pancake-like bread made from teff grain considered as a superfood).

School Children at lunch receiving the first round of de-worming tablets
School Children at lunch receiving the first round of de-worming tablets

The Devaluation of the Ethiopian currency

Map of Ethiopia

Ethiopia's economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa, with the IMF expecting a growth rate of 9 percent for the 2016/17 fiscal year. However, Ethiopia devalued its currency by 15% against the dollar to boost export. The purchasing power of the Ethiopian Birr is now lowered by 15%.

Food Inflation chart

IFA, like all development actors, is monitoring the rate of general and food commodity inflation rates. These rates are closely linked to devaluation and currency exchange rate fluctuations. The chart above depicts the food inflation rate prior to the devaluation of the Ethiopian Birr. In light of this situation it is encouraging to realize the investment returns in the area of nutrition.

World food investment
Source World Food Program

IFA Welcomes Your Year-End Giving

IFA appreciates your support for our efforts with gifts of time, talent and financial contribution since our inception in 2006. These programs need your generous support more than ever to ensure they continue to serve those most in need.

Wishing You Happy Holidays