Sustainable School Health and Nutrition Program is working well. The first phase of the program is now complete with both schools providing a daily nutritious meal for a total of 164 students with excellent feedback from students, teachers and parents. Recently, IFA has  in both schools painted the dining rooms, conducted baseline surveys, administered micro-nutrient supplements and employed contract suppliers for procurement of all food items. Nardos Alemayehu, the Project Coordinator, continues to do an excellent job overseeing the program for both schools. She will shortly be providing on-going training for the cooks as well as starting a health education teaching program for the students; this will include such topics as hygiene, nutrition and prevention of disease.

The next phase of the program is to make it sustainable by building a bakery in each school and a vegetable garden in Sibiste Negasi Primary School. The construction of the first bakery at Agazian No. 2 Primary School will hopefully start in December 2014 and IFA is working closely with the school and Nifas Silk Sub-city Finance and Economy Development Office to ensure that all rules and regulations are being met. To secure and accelerate the completion of these vital projects IFA has submitted proposals for several grants to international organizations and has been successful in receiving grants from US Embassy and is in the process of signing an MOU with World Food Program. We have also received a number of private donations and remain extremely grateful to all our donors.