Partner Organizations

Effective partnership for effective health system! After long time of waiting for effective partnership among different partners working in health and with the TRHB, a regional forum of partners was revitalized on May 25, 2011. The forum was attended by representatives of nearly 40 non government partners and government institutions. At the end of the forum, 15 members representing different partners were elected to form the Regional Health Partners’ Consultative Committee (RHPCC), a body which is believed to realize an effective partnership and proper coordination of all efforts in the region.

Following the establishment of the RHPCC, several major activities have been carried out. Some of these activities were involvement in regional planning process, joint implementation, monitoring/supervision and periodic review of Performances. To ensure that the regional health bureau gets technical assistance seven programs based Technical Working Groups (TWGs) were established and currently performing different operational as well as strategic activities.

In general the close collaboration among different partners in the region has maximized their output. Things have become now well coordinated and all partners are optimistic to see better health status and MDGs addressed well in the region. To further strengthen the system, proper coordination is going on at all levels of the forum and the leading role of the public sector is improving.