The principles that guide our work are:

Capacity Development

We believe capacity building is the process of strengthening the ability of the individual, communities and institutions to make effective use of resources, in order to achieve their own goals on a sustainable basis.

Gender Empowerment and Equality

We believe empowering women and involving them in the decision making process are key to raising overall economic productivity and health related outcomes.

Evidence based Practice

We believe in designing projects that align with evidence based practices that are research driven to ensure better effectiveness, and greater accountability.


We believe when it comes to delivering sustainable change in any community or institution there is no “them”, just “us”. Multi-sectoral partnerships between communities, public, private and non-government organisations are paramount to realizing shared goals.


We believe inclusive growth in any society can only be fully realized if the goal pertains to the whole rather than piecemeal development.


We believe in cultivating self-sufficiency, social responsibility and stewardship of resource, by engaging all stakeholders to deliver sustainable development.