Vocational Training

As part of its comprehensive and integrated approach to reaching vulnerable, unemployed women and youth, IFA launched a vocational training in 2016 for youth in Lafto sub city, targeting girls who had dropped out of the formal education system. 17 girls were trained in fashion design and tailoring . Since then, 23 more youth enrolled in various types of vocational training.

The need for promoting competencies for self and wage employment for students who come from disadvantaged families is increasing. Families, for various reasons related to poverty, are not able to support the underemployed and underdeveloped youth.  

By providing employment opportunities, vocational training programs will shorten the period of transition between school and the labor market or to establish their own micro-enterprise to promote sustainability. This will break the poverty cycle among school dropouts, especially adolescent girls enabling them to become productive members their communities .

The activities of the vocational training project are done together with Women and Children Bureau. Candidates between 18-25 years of age and an interest in in tailoring, carpentry and urban agriculture  and have completed 8 th grade are recruited. The training is done with various partners ( Selam Village, Arakella, and Dorcas) . Those who complete the training successfully eith receive sewing machines or job placement.